Convicted for a crime I had not committed and sentenced to a prison sentence with no release date, I did not believe I would ever be free again. Then as I Struggled to prove that I should not be in there, my world collapsed around me...

Within the space of just six months, I lost all of my immediate family, both suddenly and tragically. Leaving me completely broken. I felt like a victim , with no prospect of ever being free again ! I had hit rock bottom .


I had no reason to live anymore, and one night I took an overdose. Thankfully, my friend found me and saved my life... That proved to be my Turning point !

Slowly I regained my health and started rebuilding my life. I did a degree and worked mentoring kids and teaching critical reasoning skills, before finally securing my freedom !

Upon release I discovered coaching... and its completely transformed my life from the inside out . I decided to become a Coach myself and enrolled with the institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching ( iPEC ).

Now I use both my personal experience and my extensive training to help people who, like me, were have either found or are looking for their turning point!

And together we work to build and create a mindset and way of being which works for you. Life is not for settling and standing still, its for living and being the very best version of yourself. 

And my passion and purpose in life is to help as many people as possible to do exactly that !


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Be The Change You Wish To See
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